ELECTRICITY - To Produce electricity we need to use the finite resources of our planet. Finite resources are limited supplies that cannot be replaced. Making electricity in this way also creates waste products that damage our planet - polluting the air, warming up our atmosphere, and causing many problems for humans and animals.

So until we find ways of producing electricity that will not harm our planet, it is our duty to use less electricity.

Here are three easy ways to help:

  • Turn off lights you are not using.
  • Turn down air conditioners when the room is cool.
  • Turn off TVs, DVD players, and all other elctrical things when you leave your home. This means actually unplugging them from the socket, as leaving them on standby still uses electricity.

RECYCLE - When we throw out our trash it is taken to landfills - areas of land in the countryside made ugly and smelly by our refuse. By recycling we use less areas of our earth for landfills. and we use less energy (remember, making energy puts a strain on our planet too!). For example, making new aluminium from recycled aluminium takes 95% less energy than making it from scratch.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Plastic, glass and cardboard can be recycled. Ask your parents to show you where you need to put these items on trash day.
  • Use the internet to find our how recyclables are made. For example, Google "How is paper made?" and see what resources you will be saving by recycling paper. You can do this for cans, bottles and more. Try it! It's fun and it's a Good Thing.
  • Collect all the magazines and newspapers that you and your family use in two weeks and see just how big the pile is. If every family in your street uses this much, imagine how much your city uses, or even your whole country! Magazines and newspapers are made from treest that take YEARS to grow. Imagine how many treest we are cutting down to make all the newspapers and magazines for your street each year! Now imagine how many tres YOU can save each year by recycling your newspapers and magazines.

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