In Your Community And Around The World

SHARING - We can do this in many ways, such as sharing our snakcs at break time. We can share our games with those who have none.

OLD CLOTHES - We can donate our old clothes that are too small for us to charities. It is especially important to do this in winter when it is cold.

OLD TOYS - Toys we no longer use will make someone else very happy. Take them to your local charity store, where they can cheer up others who are less fortunate.

HELPING - If you understand math better than your friend, you can spend some time sharing your knowledge of math and helping your friend to understand the lesson.

GIFTS - You can visit the children's ward at a local hospital and bring fruit, flowers, toys or games. You'll make someone smile and maybe even make a new friend.

Have YOUR idea featured on the FIRST EVER Top Ten List of How To Help Children!

Send in your suggestion (By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and following the simple instructions) for helping children in your community and around the world.

The ten we like the best will be featured on The Karma Kids website on our FIRST EVER Your Top Ten Ways To Help Children list to be shown September 15th 2007.

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