In Your Community And Around The World

BIRDS - Feed the birds in your back garden or open space, especially the sparrows. The number of sparrows worldwide is falling because of climate change and habitat destruction. It is especially hard for the ones that have to live in cities. Birds NEED our help. Please click here to go to a great site to see how to help.

ADOPT - Our friends at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have made it possible for you to adopt and animal. This does not mean you have to feed, clean and walk a tiger" What it means is that your family can give a small amount of money toward helping to look after the animal you choose in its natural habitat.

LEARN - Expand your mind and learn about ENDANGERED animals. Use Google to see how many tigers, elephants and more are on Planet Earth nowadays compared to 100 years ago.

DOLPHINS - If you or your family eat tuna fish, ask your mum or dad to make sure that it says "dolphin friendly" somewhere on the can. This means the fishermen use nets that do not trap dolphins.

YOUR PET - If you have a pet, like a cat or a dog, spend a little more time with them each day. We ALL love to be LOVED, and animals love your attention. Make sure they have fresh, clean water and have been fed.

Have YOUR idea featured on the FIRST EVER Top Ten List of How To Help Animals!

Send in your suggestion (By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and following the simple instructions) for helping animals in your community and around the world.

The ten we like the best will be featured on The Karma Kids website on our FIRST EVER Your Top Ten Ways To Help Animals list to be shown September 15th 2007.

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