This entire site and project is dedicated to "Our Flo,"
a beautiful young lady who embodied all the good values of a Karma Kid
Caroline Anne Canning 1966–2006

A Little Bird
A. Little-Bird says:

First and foremost, I want to thank Nana Bird and Granddad Bird for everything they gave to me, and especially for making my mother. Then to her and my father for rustling the nest and making me!!! Daddy bird fell to earth while I was still young L, but my memories of him are happy ones. Huge thanks to Mumma Bird for ALL your patience, understanding, and ACCEPTANCE. You taught more then you may ever understand, but in my work you may FINALLY see the fruit of your labor of love. Thanks, MUM. And while I'm at it, to all Mummy Birds around the world, especially single ones… HUGE RESPECT.

Then to ALL my teachers (especially the ones at secondary school, in particular Mr. Watkins and Mrs. McDonald. Wow, did you have a hard job!!!)… I hope this and my future life work makes it fully up to you, and shows that your profound, caring messages FINALLY got through my thick skull and stubborn heart. I humbly thank you and partly dedicate this work to you. I hope this makes you proud and that you realize you have helped change one life for the better. You were doing and have done a Good Thing.

To all my yoga teachers, especially the man who shines the true light, James Bryan: I will be honored to learn from you again.

A HUGE thank you and deep respect to Paul and Jutima, Harmony and Jeff and Neil. Can't wait to see you again, and thanks for your time and guidance; it worksJ.

Thanks to my Uncle Michael for teaching me many things and being like dad I never had, and to Auntie Pat for the best cakes and for hosting some of the greatest moments of my life (Christmas at their place).

Thanks to Mr Patrick O'Reilly for just about EVERYTHING: his ability to talk to tribesmen in Tanzania, dustmen in Deptford, board members in Bejing, THE CEO in SEATTLE, and Chelsea chaps on the terraces—BIG RESPECT AND DEEPEST LOVE.

Julian, my mate, "my brother," and my granny!!!, who has supported me, nurtured me, and "done my head in," as all true friends and brothers do, cos they give a f**k! HUGE RESPECT.

Mr B inadee Ruislip stylee!!! My brother, I have never felt more at home than in the back of your dad's car with you and Viv coming back from that crappy movie, when you was all ribbing me, and then Harv was telling jokes, properJ. BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks to The Big Meece (Anthony) and family for being my True Blue Pal and family all these years.

Thanks to Cyron McClyron (Ciaran) for being my true friend year in, year out. Along with the Big Meece, you really gave me a very special 40th. And he's one of the best percussionists I know (Ciaran), so if you need one drop us a line (even tho he is a closet Geordie J)!

To my "sister" Jennifer B, who came up with the name " The Karma Kids," thanks for all.

To Matty G. for taking me to heart and also doing my head in J: you were a shining example to me, a HUGE talent and inspiration. Big love as well to Daisy and Carol and Tony.

Thanks to Helen and Andy from way back when, never forgotten. And all those gooduns in Taiwan.

Thanks to Mr. Nader and Khun Paeng for your BIG hearts and treating me like family.

My family down South—the entire Kuragearon family, Mum (R.I.P.), Luang Kai, Luang Thung, Pee Lek, Nee, Sumek, and of course my younger brother Kai—you have ALL treated me a a member of your family. I ALWAYS felt safe and secure with you, and you have proven beyond doubt your love for me. Thank you all.

Thanks to everyone at the top of the mountain! Especially the Praserti family, Tee and family, Shup and family, and of course It and Val, Chili and Tawee, MR R (Worlan 1, me 2! Thanks for everything) Pee Ang, Big Jack, and Bok J.

Thanks to my pals who fear nothing from above or below them: Paul (and Ang) , Joe, Tommo, Dom, Spot, Mr. Hendry, Mr. Thurgood, Mr. James, Mr Palfreman, Mr. Drury, and Laurie B.

The Three Musketeers,,, Lee, Tommy, and Big Ian… THANKS, especially to you Lee. You all have given me SO much respect and love, huge respect and love back…. All three of you make me so proud to be your pals. True gents of the highest order.

To everyone I met at the healthy place, especially Craig… thanks, mate, for your support, cheers, "just like that," and of course Lisa, no need for words, you're a gem. And of course Dennis (not so healthy, but a good heart), cheers.

Chelsea Andy, even though you're ginger you aint all bad. Thanks, you taught me alcohol is bad for you!

Thanks to Michael, Manfred, and families.

Thanks to George C (my little "sis") and H for ALL your help.

Thanks to Jessie L Martin for leading the way from Chambers J and proving it is possible. My brother and friend, you are a prince amongst men.

Petra for your innate beauty, your inspiration, your support and J. A shining example to mankind of choices, she could easily have chosen the dark path of self-pity but chose to pick up the torch and shine the light helping others. A real angel amongst us.

And to all those who help at HAPPY HEARTS FUND, cheers.

Thanks to Annie Vincent for everything.

Thanks to Guirlaine B at UNICEF for understanding in a phone call the potential of this project and helping to make it happen.

Much the same to Kharye D at WWF—thank you deeply, you truly get it.

Respect to my pal Pikki, who has faced adversity with courage and dogged determination like a Trooper and never gave up or felt sorry for himself. Reinvented himself and became a success in his new life from a wheelcar. NUFF RESPECT, Dreadlocks.

To Donna, Jane, and Mike at Valspar for keeping me in spray cans (long story!) and my head above water, and for helping me fund this project. You did more than you realised. THANKS a million.

Thanks to Jack Harrison for your support and belief.

Thanks to Sara for your help.

Thanks to Peter "Pedro" for your support.

To all the staff in the press room at Virgin, esp Terri and Jackie: cheers, ladies.

Mr Branson himself is a shining example to humanity to do the right thing.

Thanks to Dr. Gillian McKeith, Relton, and all the team at McKeith research who helped on this project, for all your wisdom and kindness.

Respect to Jamie Oliver for standing up for what is right in this world and proving to me he isn't a mockney tosser, but a courageous cheeky chappy from our manor, one of us, son.

Thanks, Oprah, for just being you. You inspired me in my darkest moments and kept me on course like a beacon in a storm, steering me safely to port with my treasure to help others. You are a gift from God. Thanks, big "Sis."

Thanks to my "family" in the desert! Dan, Gil, Tom, Ben, Amir, Mary, Itsig, Shuneet, Adir and "Mitch" … you took me to heart, sheltered me, clothed me, taught me to fish, and loved me. I love you all more today than when I first met you, and each day my love for you all grows deeper.

Thanks to Dermot D for EVERYTHING—for showing me true compassion, kindness, and many of the qualities of a Karma Kid, even though you look more like Ziggy most days.

Respect to Tim Jones for ALWAYS doing the right thing. You taught me so much, brother, you are a true angel, if not the most beautiful man I have met.

And to all those who have helped me along my long twisty path to where I am now, even though I may not have thanked you at the time, from me to you, CHEERS


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