Ella Story


We present Ella's Story of Neatness to you today for free, to give to your child the gift of reading and to share the positive and empowering lessons of this tale. A lot of hard work, thought, time, and of course money have been put into making this story and the entire project a reality.

A. Little-Bird's intentions are good (please see Our Vision). We are dedicated to empowering children with good values, highlighting problems affecting animals, children and the environment, and helping to solve them by directing 10% of all of our profits to projects that effectively help in these areas. We are using some of the money we raise from these PDF books to pay for printing of high-quality hardcover books (from sustainable forests, of course).

We thank you again for giving the gift of The Karma Kids and their message to your children.

"It's Good to be Good, It's Nice to be Nice.