RAKS are good things we just do in the moment without planning.

Simply put: RAKS are things we do that make others HAPPY. When we do them they make us feel NICE inside.

If you and your friends are playing a game at school and one of your classmates is sitting alone, you ask her to join in.

When Grandma is carrying her shopping in the door, you go and help her.

If someone at school drops her books in the hall, you help pick them up.

When Dad is cleaning his car, you help wash the wheels.

If you had fun after school at your friends house, you send her an "I had a GREAT time with you" card from our website to say thank you.

Have YOUR idea featured on the FIRST EVER Top Ten List of RAKS!

Send in your suggestion (By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and following the simple instructions) for performing Random Acts Of Kindness.

The ten we like the best will be featured on The Karma Kids website on our FIRST EVER Your Top Ten Ways To Perform RAKS list to be shown September 15th 2007.

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P.A.K.S - Premeditated Acts of KindnesS
Premeditated Acts of KindnesS
R.A.K.S - Random Acts of KindnesS
Random Acts of KindnesS