Karma Kids think about how they can do the right thing in every situation. They are kind, caring, compassionate, charitable, and above all loving to everyone they meet.

Here are some ways you can be like a Karma Kid. See if you and your friends can think of other ways, too.

Remember, it really is "Good to Be Good and Nice to Be Nice."

Kind   your friend has broken their leg and she has to walk with crutches at school, so you carry her books between classes.

Caring   your friend has a cold, so you email him the recipie for Nakos's Flu Buster (see the Recipes page in the Giving Pages). You can also call to see if he needs anything, just let him know you care about how he feels. This will help him feel better already.

Compassionate   Your friend's pet is very sick, and she is very upset. You tell her how much you feel for her, that you understand how sad she must feel, and you make an extra effort all day at school to be extra nice to her.

Charitable   You hear about a disaster somewhere in the world, where the people need food. Your local charity asks people to donate some cans of food, so you ask at home for any spare cans, explaining why you need them and all the good they will do. Charity does not only mean sharing with others in distant lands or with those who are much poorer than you. It can also mean sharing with friends at school. Maybe you are on a school outing and you have two pieces of fruit in your lunch. You notice your friend has no fruit with him, so you share the extra piece with your classmate.

Loving   Your mom stays up late making sure your clothes are washed for your school trip, so to let her know how much you love her, you tell her thanks and give her a big hug. Sometimes your brother or sister may really annoy you, but just think how much you would really miss them if they went away for a very long time.Show your family that you love them every day by telling them how much they mean to you.