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Helping Children

What We Really Do With Your Help

Helping Children

"If you want to be compassionate, Be compassionate"
A kind teacher once said.

In many places on our planet, millions of children (mainly girls) miss the chance for an education because they have to walk for hours each day to collect WATER. In other parts of the world, children as young as five who have lost one or both parents to AIDS go to work to support their families. In lands far away from where we live, children lack the basics we take for granted-water, sanitation, shelter, and a safe way of life. Many do not make it to become an adult.

We direct funds toward helping restructure schools that have been destroyed by natural disasters, helping children rebuild their torn-down lives, providing emotional support and giving them hope-letting them know someone beyond their horizon CARES. It really makes a difference. We also focus on helping children in areas less known to be affected by disasters and poverty, such as America and Europe. The money we direct to them through the projects we fund and support helps more than you can imagine. Those few dollars you give to us make a HUGE difference in some poor child's life.

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