PAKS are Good Things we PLAN for. To PLAN means to think carefully about what we are going to do BEFORE we do it.

PAKS are things we do that make others HAPPY

Send your friend a free E-Card from our website. There are lots of reasons you can do this - to say "Hello" or "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon"!

You can download from our website a picture of your favourite Karma Kid, colour it in, and give it to your friend as a present.

You can draw a picture for someone in your family, or help with the housework, or pick them some flowers or sing them a song, anything you can think of.

If you know your friend is having difficulty with a subject at school you find easy, you arrange to spend time helping them understand the lesson. This is also a great way for you to review the lessons you have learned.

If you save all your old clothes that are too small and that you no longer use, you can then donate them to your local charity store. These will help those less fortunate than you. This is a really Good Thing!

Have YOUR idea featured on the FIRST EVER Top Ten List of PAKS!

Send in your suggestion (By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and following the simple instructions) for performing Premeditated Acts Of Kindness.

The ten we like the best will be featured on The Karma Kids website on our FIRST EVER Your Top Ten Ways To Perform PAKS list to be shown September 15th 2007.

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P.A.K.S - Premeditated Acts of KindnesS
Premeditated Acts of KindnesS
R.A.K.S - Random Acts of KindnesS
Random Acts of KindnesS