The Karma Kids are eight individual children who represent the various faces of humanity. Different cultures notwithstanding, if we take a little time we begin to notice that our core values are very much alike.

The main purpose of The Karma Kids is to spread good values, virtues, and social skills to children (of all ages!) around the globe. We aim to do this through the messages in the stories and through the website.

We intend the stories to entertain children and also to be parenting aids for their carers. Each story addresses a value that is helpful for your child's development, e.g., honesty, neatness, sharing, etc.

This value is first imparted to each Karma Kid by an animal friend at the beginning of the story. Children love animals and relate to them easily, and this initial learning scene prepares them to digest the main point of the story from the get-go.

The story shows the good that can come from acting in accordance with the story's main virtue, and also what can happen as a result of taking the opposite, negative path.

On the website you will see a section called DAKS, which are Daily Acts of Kindness. This section and the related pages were created to encourage children to give and share from an early age, and to help you lay good foundations for your child's development of character and civic responsibility.

Our plans for the future include the following:

The Karma Kids

We will make every effort at each stage of our evolution to ensure that all products and packaging are made from sustainable resources and that all staff involved in this project receive proper benefits (health, working environment, and holidays).

We will make our financial records available every year on our website, audited by Price Cooper Waterhouse, to show how we effectively use the money we generate from this project.

50% of the gross income from the project will go into a redevelopment budget, which will be used to:

Thank you for your support.


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