…that all efforts have been made to keep all content of the stories and website correct.

I (A. Little-Bird) have personally funded and conceptualized The Karma Kids; researched cultural characteristics, costumes, environments, flora and fauna; drawn the drafts for each character and scene; and written each story as well as all the content you see here today.

All this was undertaken with a very slow internet connection in Thailand. I have tried my very best (checking and rechecking, cross-referencing and even more cross-referencing) to make sure there are no mistakes.

But I am human! So I sometimes make mistakes. If you notice any, PLEASE write to us at corrections@thekarmakids.org and point it out! We will make sure it is corrected as quickly as possible; we understand the importance of feeding only the best information to impressionable young minds.

Please note also that we have used some photos on the site that we have not been able to source the owners of, though we have tried our best. If you have a copyright question or complaint, please contact us. Thank you.


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