A Little BirdA Little-Bird. I am a member of the Passer domesticus family of birds, usually called common sparrows. Where I was hatched we tend to call ourselves "London sparrers." Yes, I was hatched a good few years back in jolly old London-a place that holds many happy memories of friends and good times. But I have an inquisitive heart and love to fly and to make discoveries, which has taken me to many lands where I have seen and learned many things. Read More


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Sikan Techakaruha (Ai)Sikan Techakaruha (Ai) - I'm twenty-seven years old. I had a job with a computer game company when I met A. Little-Bird. Then he and I worked together to create The Karma Kids illustrated books. Designing the characters, colors, backgrounds, and layout has been a great experience—thank you, A. Little-Bird!

Piyachat SriboonluePiyachat Sriboonlue - otherwise known as Joe. I'm twenty-six years old and have my degree in Communication Design from Bangkok University. I've liked drawing since I was a child, but it was this project that inspired me to become an illustrator!